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Santhosapuram, Chennai
Wheel balancing and Wheel alignment

Maintaining proper inflation pressure in your tyres at the recommended level and maintaining vehicle...

₹ 999.00
Adyar, Chennai
Quick health check up for your car by Jems Automobile, Adyar

Your car is one of your most valuable possessions, and you want to make sure it is in good condition...

₹ 849.00
Adambakkam, Chennai
Basic Car wash and Cleaning by Danvanth Car Spa, Adambakkam

This service involves a thorough exterior cleaning of your vehicle with water and a mild detergent....

₹ 499.00
Adyar, Chennai
Car suspension inspection by Jems Automobile, Adyar

Your vehicle’s suspension has many jobs, but its main task is to keep your vehicle’s tires in contac...

₹ 349.00
Service Commitment

We’re making Car maintenance easier, affordable and hassle free. Have you not wondered if there was a simpler process to your regular car maintenance? Service Geni validates & onboards garages to create the best network of service centers handpicking skilled technicians and quality spare providers with necessary tools in their facility.

Super Experience

Get to know the local mechanic Anna like never before, understand easily what he offers, get to know more about the past customer experiences, most importantly use this platform to schedule a service slot with him effortlessly. Drive down like a King to have the friendly technician available and ready to serve you.

Secure Data & Payment

Service Geni's platform uses secure systems to store customer information required for smooth service operations. The payment gateways are secure and allows multiple payment options for the user.

Dedicated Support

Need a hand? Or a high five? Here’s how to reach us in different ways. Ring us on any of the support numbers. Chat with us on the live chat on webpage. Whatsapp us or reach out on any of our social media handles.

Why People Love Us?

Digital platform for local car service centers with tools to manage aspects outside their domain or area of expertise.

Popular Services

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